Friday, April 3, 2009

Being a married Woman

So the first week of being married has been good. I don't know that I feel any different except when I see my new name that is extremely weird for me. I love the comfort of having a husband and being called "wife". That sounds so much more permanent and committed. I'm so in love with my husband. We've talked on and off all week about the wedding and how perfect it was for us. He told me that I was just "beautiful" in my dress and looked so sexy. People said being married wouldn't feel very different and it really doesn't as far as the day to day part of it. Next week will be a little more interesting because I will be around people again.

Tomorrow will be our 1 week anniversary and ironically, Adam's six year anniversary. Ask me how it feels in about six months.

So for now,
The new Mrs.

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