Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kim's Update

I am okay.....most days. Still unemployed but I am not alone. I am more worried about the kids being out of work than myself. They have little ones to support.
Of course, I really hate the thought of starting over. I do not like to change jobs. I have worked at 3 real jobs in my life, since graduating high school. Wal-Mart was 4 years, NGC was 13 years before they closed down, and the last one was almost 10 years. I don't mind learning new things and changing positions within, I just don't want to start over. I have never quit a job, they have always quit me.
I HATE starting over but I am trying to keep positive and think that the "perfect" job will come along, you know the kind that will just fall out of the sky into my lap! (I can always hope)

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