Wednesday, March 11, 2009

17 days

Hey gals-
Can you believe that in 17 days I'll finally be married? I know you and the rest of the family were beginning to wonder if I would be the "old maid" of the family forever. I'm very excited and hope that the day will be a blast. Do you remember your big day? Were you nervous or excited? Did you ever think, "what the hell am I doing"?

Getting married is one decision that I'm absolutely sure about but at the same time I'm a little sad about giving up my 'single' independence. I've been by myself for such a long time. I love being in a relationship and Don is just awesome so I'm sure life will always be an adventure.

Any pointers?

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  1. I LOVED my wedding day. I was 28 when I got married, (most of my friends were married and divorced by the time I found my man) and it was so worth the wait. I was so happy the whole day. I didn't worry about everything being perfect, and we had some problems (like my wedding dress was altered to fit someone else and I had to pick out a DIFFERENT dress a week before my wedding). You're going to have a GREAT TIME! And not once that day or since did I think "What the hell am I doing".

    My best advice is to keep dating each other. My man is super diligent about taking me out at least once a week, and it really helps us stay connected and not grow our separate ways.

    Good luck, and Congrats!!!


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