Friday, March 13, 2009

Vacation Haven

You can have a vacation here anytime you want even if I'm getting read for a wedding. I will give you a room and leave you alone if you want me to. But I know the feeling. When there were three of us in my little house, I felt like there was no place to get away. You feel crowded in your own home and that is not fun.

It is important to find a place to have some time away. I know, hide in the bathroom and claim that you need to take a big dump. Ha ha Say that it's coming but taking its time. That drives them away, unless you live with someone fascinated about pooping regularly and checks-in every now and then.

Seriously, you can crash here anytime. Oh, another idea, mom is out of the country with our little brother so you can sneak over and see dad. We all know that he won't talk much and will need a nap so you can have some alone time there.

See two great options, what are little sisters for???

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