Friday, March 13, 2009


I need a vacation. I feel the need to be away from home, by myself. Or with my sisters.
But they are too far away, and the closest one is busy getting ready for her big day.
I know this feeling will pass and everything will go back to normal.
Next week, I get 2 days off from work for Spring Break but I will be at home, working.
The following week, is the wedding, so I will be taking off work on Friday.
It will be good, spending time with my sisters and the rest of the family.

I just need space and time by myself. It's amazing that there are only 2 people in the house now and I feel crowded. I need quiet, time to think without someone griping about everything. The only time I get me time is the drive to and from work. While I am thankful for having a job, there is also drama going on here. But I am lucky to still have somewhere to go during the day.

It's almost the weekend, maybe I will be able to find an hour or two to be alone.
Or maybe I will invaded by kids and grandkids. That is always a good thing.



  1. Gasp! Kim! You've come over to the dark side!! (OK, so MJ set the blog up. You're still joining us in Bloggerville!) Welcome!

  2. It was all part of her evil little plan.


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