Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here we start...

Kim, Suz and Miss,

Here we go. This is ours. Our way to tell the story of our family. Since I'm the one starting this, I'm going to introduce the cast of sisters.

Kim. We know you are the oldest but I'm not quite sure you're the wisest. I'm sure I win that one. Kim was the one in charge growing up. When we played school, she was the teacher. She gave out the orders and Suz and I followed. Kim always looked different from Suz and I. We were known as the "twins" but Kim looked like mom and grandma. She was quite growing up but watch out when she got into high school. She introduced me to high school beer parties and dragging main. Kim left home at 17. Although she was only 11 months older than Suz, she was two grades ahead and graduated at 17. Kim is now a buyer for a company in her town. She is married and has a step-daughter, a son and a daughter in college. Kim is also a grandma of 5. Ask her about her "grandson" and you will see a smile a mile wide. Kim is loving, kind, and a great sister!

Suz. Number two daughter and spoiled rotten by her father. She is his girl and we all know it. They are number crunchers and golfers. Suz was super quiet all through high school and dated one guy until she was in college. After college, she came into her own and found her hubby. They are totally outdoors people. Hunters, gatherers and random job workers. We never know where they are going to be. The were in Louisiana and got out hours before Katrina hit. Right now they are in Rhode Island. He has two kids, a boy and girl. They have 6 grand kids that they spoil beyond belief.

Miss. Miss met my brother when they were in the 8th grade. She tried to set him up with a friend of her, whatever that means when you are in eight grade. They started dating in high school and married before they finished college. They have two wonderful kids. Miss comes from a huge family so having sisters is not new to her. We instantly loved her and made her our sister- although, I'm not so sure what she would say about that??? What would you say Miss?

Then there is me. Marsh. I was the wild outgoing one. Kim is 23 months older than me and Suz is 1 year and 3 days older. I have the "first born syndrome" although I'm the youngest. I kept my sisters on their toes. I live the farthest away, unless Suz is traveling. I have always be the adventurer. No kids and getting married in three weeks.

So that's us.

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